A Significant Opportunity for Business, Industry and Government Stakeholders to discuss the Future Developments and Requirements of the roll out of the Residential and Energy Management Solutions in Australia.

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 Click on the following link to find out more about the 2nd Annual National Smart Grids Forum 2010.

 The Tasmanian ICT Centre of CSIRO’s project on Residential

 Scale Energy Services is researching a universal energy service
 Click here
  Skilling for a sustainable future: Click here for report
  National Skills Shortage Strategy - Workforce Projections Report: Click here for report


Energy efficiency programs - Australian Government DEWHA
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
U.S. Department of Energy
Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, Energy
Climate Change
Australian Government, Australia’s Fifth National Communication on Climate Change, 2010

Australian Government, Australia’s Low Pollution Future: The Economics of Climate Change

Mitigation, 2008

Australian Government, Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, 2007

Australian Government, Carbon Pollution Reductions Scheme: Australia’s Low Pollution Future

(White Paper), 2008

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Efficiency Opportunities program, 2010

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Facing the Minerals, Processing Industry, An Issues Paper, Final Report, 2008

ClimateWorks Australia, Low Carbon Growth Plan for Australia, 2010
Distributed energy
CSIRO, Intelligent Grid Report: a value proposition for distributed energy in Australia, 2009
Conferences / Events
May 24-28 - Environment and water mission to China

July 15-16 2010, Sydney, Australia, ICMA2010 The Green Economy, Shifts In Management

Knowledge And Practice

8 June - REMforum2
July 5-9 - Clean energy and energy saving mission to China

September 14-18 – Clean technology mission to China International Small and Medium

Enterprises Fair (CISMEF)

Electric Vehicles
  Austria -210,000 EVs by 2020

http://www.leonardo-energy.org/electric vehicles  Papers on electric vehicles, their batteries and the necessary changing infrastructure.  

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Incorporated (AEVA)
ChargePoint Australia
CSIRO Electric Driveway
EV Charging Standards - Council for the Australian Federation
Energy Efficiency
Council of Australian Governments, National Strategy on Energy Efficiency, 2009

  http://www.leonardo-energy.org/energy-efficiency Information on the latest energy efficiency developments and technologies in the EU

  http://www.scribd.com/doc/18280585/Energy-Efficient-Distribution-Transformers Energy efficient distribution transformers

  Australian Transport Council and the Environment Protection and Heritage Council,

  Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Working Group Final Report, 2009

Council of Energy Ministers (Canada), Moving forward on Energy Efficiency in Canada:

a Foundation for Action, 2007

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Minerals, 2008

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countries on track?, 2009

Living Greener
McKinsey & Company Australia An Australian Cost Curve for Greenhouse Gas Reduction, 2008
Productivity Commission, The Private Cost Effectiveness of Improving Energy Efficiency, 2005
The Climate Institute Australia’s National Strategy for Energy Efficiency: Policy Paper, 2008
Energy Market
Australian Energy Regulator, State of the Energy Market 2009
Australian Government, National Energy Security Assessment, 2009
Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
National Broadband Network (NBNCo)
$23 million in contracts to IBM, Oracle and Accenture
Smart Appliances
Smart Homes / Communities
Energy Smart Homes - WA Government Office of Energy
Newington Smart Village - EnergyAustralia and Sydney Water
Smart Home Solutions (SHS)
Smartwired Home
Telstra Smart Community
Smart/Intelligent grids
 http://www.leonardo-energy.org/powerquality Improving power quality, information, education materials and organise online events to help professionals 
IEE Smart Grid
CISCO - Smart Grid Solutions
European Commission cautious on smart grids
Smart grids - Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
Smart Grid Australia
IBM The Intellegent Network
Smart Meters
Google - Smart Metering Projects Map
MCE Standing Committee of Officials
Smart Meters - Department of Primary Industries
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ABARE, Australian Energy Resource Assessment, 2010
ABARE,End Use Energy Intensity in the Australian Economy, 2009
ABARE, Energy in Australia, 2009
ABARE, Energy Update, 2009

Australian Energy Market Commission, Review of Demand-Side Participation in the

National Electricity Market, 2009

International Energy Agency, Key World Energy Statistics, 2009
Consumer behaviour - CSIRO
Institute for Sustainable Futures - Professor Stuart White
Zero Emission Home (ZEH)  - CSIRO

Past Events

REM Forum 1 20 March 2009 , Darlington Centre, University of Sydney
REM Forum 2 10 November 2009 , New Law Building, University of Sydney
REM Forum 3 26 March 2010 , New Law Building, University of Sydney
REM Forum 4 10 June 2010 , Darlington Centre - University of Sydney
REM Forum 5 01 October 2010 , Darlington Centre, University of Sydney
REM Forum 6 03 December 2010 , Darlington Centre, University of Sydney